About Paddocks Riding Centre

betsy burghley
The attractive nature and versatility of the horse has appealed to mankind for centuries.  Years ago people had many opportunities to meet and interact with horses in their day to day work.  Nowadays the emphasis has shifted from work to pleasure and at the Paddocks Riding Centre we always try to make this pleasure a reality for our clients.
Proprietor, Karen Thompson B.H.S.I.I. used her experience working in many different spheres of the horse industry to develop a small friendly yard where you can be guaranteed a continuity of instruction.  Riders are allowed to develop at a pace that suits them and increase their capabilities using simple techniques. Karen has been involved with all level of riders from grass roots to coaching riders on the World Class Programme Para Dressage.
Whatever your level of expertise our aim is to help you improve your skills and for you to benefit from the fun and excitement of horse riding.
We are licenced by Lincolnshire County Council and fully insured.